Second Single “Leaving My Safe Zone” – Digital Release Oct 31 2020
Published: October 12, 2020 in Band News Music Release Uncategorized

Enjoy the second part of our hard and genuine craft.

This is the second page of Authentic Stories

Work, work and more work. You feel stuck in everyday boredom, all routines and nothing feels fun anymore.
You stop, throw your stack of paper in the office, slam the door behind you, and pull away on the highway.
You put on your sunglasses, crank down the windows, feel the wind in your hair and head south. The engine rumbles. Destination unknown. You feel excited. Let’s go!

Picture of a man with his hands on steering wheel. Shades hanging in rear mirror.

Authentic Stories

Tailor Hill Station is all about authentic stories. Instead of releasing a full length album you will experience a series of pages taken out of someones life and put into music …

Page 2, The song “Leaving My Safe Zone”:

You find yourself at rock bottom, you have two choices: Live or die, sink or fly.

Will you end up free as an eagle?