Band pic of Tailor Hill Station

Tailor Hill Station takes a page from someone's life and puts music to it ...

Tailor Hill Station is a Swedish band originating in Borlänge in Dalarna. Let us briefly tell you about our band and a little about our music.

Emerging from the landscapes of Borlänge in Sweden, recording artists Tailor Hill Station began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2017, and since that time have manifested into a versatile and multifaceted collective of musician’s with their own signature sound and stylization.

Since the start, Tailor Hill Station has written and produced songs for its musical storyteller “Authentic Stories”. The first single “Free” was released in September 2020 and since then the band has released a new single every month and a number of new singles will be released in 2021. The music represents a background of country and americana spiced with pop.

The band members are:
Matz Allernäs Mattsson (vocals, guitar, songwriter)
Peter Enström (guitar, vocals)
Peter Gunnebro (guitar, pedal steel, dobro, banjo, vocals, songwriter, producer)
Thomas Midemyr (bass, vocals)
Jocke Åslund (keyboards, Hammond organ, vocals)
Ola Högberg (drums, vocals, songwriter, producer).

All songs, lyrics and stories behind the songs are on our website.

Our songs are to be found where you listen to music!

Matz Allernäs Mattsson, lead singer of the band

Matz Allernäs Mattsson - lead vocals|guitars

Peter Gunnebro - pedal steel player in the band

Peter Gunnebro - guitars|pedal steel|banjo|dobro|vocals

Jocke Åslund, Hammond organ player in the band

Jocke Åslund - hammond organ|keyboards|vocals

Ola Högberg, drummer in the band

Ola Högberg - drums|vocals

Peter Enström, lead guitar player in the band

Peter Enström - guitars|vocals

Thomas Midemyr, bass player in the band

Thomas Midemyr - bass|vocals