Matz Allernäs Mattsson, (lead vocals, guitar, songwriter)
Jocke Åslund, (keyboards, Hammond organ, vocals, songwriter)
Thomas Midemyr, (bass, vocals)
Peter Enström, (guitar, vocals)
Ola Högberg, (drums, vocals, songwriter, producer)
Peter Gunnebro, (founder, guitar, pedal steel, dobro, banjo, vocals, songwriter, producer)

Tailor Hill Station - musical storytellers since 2017

Tailor Hill Station was formed in 2017. The band consists of a diverse set of musicians with very different backgrounds, giving the music a completely unique identity and sound.

Since 2017, Tailor Hill Station has written and produced songs for their storyteller series "Authentic Stories" and has since then released a number of singles and counting. The music represents a background of Americana tastefully spiced with elements of country and pop. The lyrics are inspired by their own life experiences and with their authenticity and genuineness, they go straight to the heart.

Some of the songs also feature exciting guest artists such as Nashvilles Doug Seegers, Göran Eriksson (Jill Johnsson, Peter Jöback, Uno Svenningsson and more) and Travis Toy (Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Lionel Richie, Brad Paisley, Journey and more).
There are so many stories yet to tell and so many songs yet to write. May the book be endless ...

Matz Allernäs Mattsson

Matz is our charismatic lead singer who also adds acoustic guitar to the band's unique sound. Matz contributes to the bands songwriting as well. In addition to being both a family man and a good musician with his heart in the right place, he is the band's true rock star.
Favorite dish: Macaroni and pike
Best song ever written: Köppäbävisan, Bengt Pegefelt

Peter Enström

Peter is our emotional and humble guitarist who through his tasteful guitar playing adds both soul and warmth to the band's storytelling songs. As a former ambulance driver, he has seen many grasping life stories, which also reflects in the tones he conveys through his guitar.
Favorite dish: Thin pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream
Best song ever written: Don’t Stop Believing, Journey

Ola Högberg

Ola is the band's drummer, backing singer and producer. He is a multi-musician of rank who manages to bring musical life to everything he does. Simply put, with Ola's good ear and musicality he does not just play drums on the drums, he makes them sing, which adds an indispensable personality to the band's sound. We love you Ola!
Favorite dish: Swedish dumplings with lingonberry jam and skimmered butter
Best song ever written: Illuminat, Leprous

Thomas Midemyr

Thomas delivers the band's low notes. As the band's bassist, he always makes sure that the basement is filled with warm, wonderful bass tones that put the songs in place. Thomas is an extremely nice guy with an inexhaustible stock of funny jokes that most often turn the band's rehearsals into furious bursts of laughter. 
Favorite dish: Swedish smorgasbord
Best song ever written: The Winner Takes It All, ABBA

Jocke Åslund

Jocke stands for the band's "meat and potatoes"! Not only is he an incredibly experienced and sought-after chef in everyday life, but he adds the band's musical "meat and potatoes" through his keyboard and Hammond organ playing. Jocke's world-class organ och keyboard playing can be heard on countless recordings and is an indispensable part of Tailor Hill Station's unique sound.
Favorite dish: Root mash with salted pork leg & mustard
Best song ever written: Burn, Deep Purple

Peter Gunnebro

Peter is the founder of Tailor Hill Station and also the father of most of the band's songs. He is a songwriter, producer and a multi-musician who plays most instruments with strings on. His favorite instruments, however, are pedal steel, dobro, guitar and vocals. Peter travels regularly to his friends in Nashville, where he draws much of his inspiration for songwriting. Besides creating music Peter has a great passion for photography.
Favorite dish: Pan steak with mashed potatoes, chanterelle sauce and lingonberry jam
Best song ever written: Dust Down A Country Road, John Hiatt