Album cover of Tailor Hill Station - Authentic Stories. Person reaching arms and hands for the moon in the sunset.
RELEASED: February 28, 2021
ARTIST: Tailor Hill Station
LABEL: Tailor Hill Productions
PRODUCER: P. Gunnebro/O. Högberg
CATALOGUE NUMBER: Authentic Stories - Page 6
I Don’t Know
A guy dressed in jeans and cowboy boots siiting with an acoustic guitar. Descriptive picture of Tailor Hill Stations song "I Don't Know".

The song “I Don't Know” is page 6 of “Authentic Stories”.

You have been on the road for a long, long time. You miss home and your loved ones. This is the reverse side of the coin for a touring musician, as a life like this brings both joy,  longing and sadness.

The song “I Don't Know” is a very beautiful country song about a musician who lives a touring life and who longs incredibly much for his family and children. The thoughts fly around in his head about what he really wants and values with life.

I Don't Know

Verse 1:
I'm standing on the sidewalk, don't know which way to go
My head is looking sideways, watching the traffic flow
Since I left my hometown, I've been missing my family
Starting out in a new town with my suitcase and guitar

Chorus short:
But I don't know, which way to go. No I don't know, which way to go

Verse 2:
I've been doing this for a long time, too long to remember
Reading storybooks for my kids, must have been last september
Telling you I'll be home soon my love, turn off the lights and thigh on my shoes, cause I've got the blues for you

Chorus long:
But I don't know, which way to go
No I don't know, which way to go
I don't know, which way to go
No I don't know… which way to

Verse 3:
But here I am in this new town, with my suitcase and guitar
Playing in all these places, and then I'm driving in my car
The sunset behind the mountains, sets by the pretty skies
That's where we used to go my love, again wouldn't that be nice

Chorus long:
But I don't know, which way to go
No I don't know, which way to go
I don't know, which way to go
No I don't know… which way to

Living away from you my love, I guess I can't get used to it
Cause every time I go to bed , in my hotel room,
I turn out the lights and think of you, and you're kissing the kids goodnight
Wishing I was home in bed, right next to you…

Written by: P. Gunnebro/Tailor Hill Station
© 2021 Tailor Hill Productions

Lead vocals – Matz Allernäs Mattsson
Pedal steel, acoustic guitars, banjo, backing vocals – Peter Gunnebro
Electric guitars – Peter Enström
Hammond organ, keyboards – Joakhim Åslund
Drums, bass, backing vocals – Ola Högberg

Authentic Stories

Every Tailor Hill Station song is inspired by an authentic story from of someone's life. Every page has a new story to tell. There is so much to tell and so many songs to write. Since 2017, Tailor Hill Station has written and produced songs for our musical storyteller "Authentic Stories". New stories keep on coming, so may the book be endless.