Album cover of the Tailor Hill Station song "You Are Not Here". A lonely road in the fields covered with fog.
RELEASED: May 28, 2021
ARTIST: Tailor Hill Station
LABEL: Tailor Hill Productions
PRODUCER: P. Gunnebro/O. Högberg
CATALOGUE NUMBER: Authentic Stories - Page 9
You Are Not Here
A picture of an old radio, a bottle of whiskey and a pair of glasses

The song “You Are Not Here” is page 9 of “Authentic Stories”.

Love is far away, memories tear you and that country song touches you ...

You are far away, you miss her and you hear that country song on the radio that reminds you even more how much you miss her. God you miss her! This is the ninth story of our storyteller "Authentic Stories".

You Are Not Here

Verse 1
I'm here in my hotel room
A thousand miles from you
They're playing our song on the radio
Funny what a country song can do
When you are not here, you are not here

Verse 2
Remember all the times we had
When we danced the night away
Now, outside rain is pouring down
And here comes another day
When you are not here, you are not here

The sound of your heart beating
Turns my world around
But now that sound is fading
like the stars at dawn ...
And you are not here, you are not here

Verse 3
When we were together,
you gave my soul a home
We shared a dream, our vision
And now it seems all gone,
cause you are not here, no you are not here

I hope one day we’ll rise again
like Phoenix from the ashes ...


You are not there, you are not there

P. Gunnebro/O. Högberg/Tailor Hill Station
Release date: May 28, 2021

© 2021 Tailor Hill Productions

Lead vocals – Matz Allernäs Mattsson
Acoustic guitars, pedal steel, backing vocals – Peter Gunnebro
Electric guitars – Peter Enström
Hammond organ, keyboards – Joakhim Åslund
Bass – Thomas Midemyr
Drums, backing vocals – Ola Högberg

Authentic Stories

Every Tailor Hill Station song is inspired by an authentic story from of someone's life. Every page has a new story to tell. There is so much to tell and so many songs to write. Since 2017, Tailor Hill Station has written and produced songs for our musical storyteller "Authentic Stories". New stories keep on coming, so may the book be endless.