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The story behind “A Kid On The Street” – Full Documentary (17 min)

May 8, 2022

A Kid On The Street, Doug Seegers, Music Documentary, Music Video, Video

In January 2021, Tailor Hill Station released the single “A Kid On The Street” in collaboration with the popular Nashville-based country artist Doug Seegers who lived a life as a homeless person. This is the music documentary about how the song came to be.  

In this almost 17 minutes long music documentary we hear Doug, among other things, talk about living as a homeless person. We hear the songwriter Peter talk about how the song came to be, but we also get a rare and exclusive insight from when the song was recorded in studios in Nashville and Borlänge in the middle of a burning pandemic.

So, sit back in a comfortable chair, put on your headphones and let yourself be inspired!

Learn even more about the song here and enjoy!